Buran Ghati Pass

BuranGhati Pass

Climbing up or hiking is easy and always challenging. But can you imagine the thrill of climbing down on a rope from a steep slope? This entertaining adventure is what Buran Ghati offers. Hiking up is valuable experience but dealing with height fear while coming down is a learning experience. The rappelling on a steep ice wall from the summit is of 400 feet in total. This will be extraordinary. The world-renowned Dayara Bugyal is another attraction of the hike.

The most popular hill station Shimal is the start point of the hike. Well, another reason to choose this trek is to roam around in Shimla. From Jagnik village the hiking will actually start. The village has tonnes of wooden houses with old architecture that will make good Instagram pictures. Then the path follows Pabba stream while trudging through the path you will the vegetation changing from maple to pine to Silver Birch. Isn’t it amazing?

Apart from the Dayara Bugyal major sight points are Dhauladhar range with unlimited beauty and the stunning Gunas pass. If you are wondering that adventure is over then you are wrong. There is a tranquil lake waiting for you. Litham camping place is known for its amazing location with Chandranathan river and waterfall views alongside a mystic lake.

Enough of the green beauty, there will snowfields too. The trail henceforth Dunda is all occupied with snow patches and snow-covered. Summer months of May to June are excellent because the snowfields clear out and the hidden lush greenery slowly gets revealed. However, the higher elevations have white snow all year round. From Buran pass, you can also see the Rupin Pass. It’s like a merger of two epic high pass treks. If Rupin pass can show spiritual Kinnaur Kailash mountain, so does the Buran pass trek.

So the Buran pass is by far the most fun-filled and adventure-seeking hike. Get the most of this hike and book now.

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