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trekking to kedarkantha

The downtime season in India is just about to arrive and it’s the stylish time to plan for your downtime journey in advance. To avoid the last- nanosecond hustle, it’s better to bespeak your journey in advance with a dependable trekking company in India. For newcomers, one of the perfect destinations for hiking in downtime is Kedarkantha Trek. Since the Kedarkantha journey offers some of the mind-blowing views during layoffs, it’s also named Queen of downtime treks. Snow-covered till the knees, the amazing view from the top, easy trails through thick pine timbers, make this an ideal destination for touring in Uttarakhand. This beautiful destination lies around. in Govind National Park, Uttarakhand.

Kedarkantha Winter Trekking in Uttarakhand

The trail is covered through the snow from the launch of December to medial April which makes it the perfect downtime journey in India. Numerous educated pedestrians love to suggest this beautiful trekking place to a new mountaineer who wants to explore the beauty of nature at its stylish. Get a stunning view of the mountain ranges of Swargrohini, Yamunotri, Kalanag, Bandarpoonch, Gangotri, and Dhauladhar during downtime season. Also, this place offers perfect skiing on snow during the layoffs.

Health and Safety

• The mountaineer should have an ideal BMI of18.5 to24.9 for climbing any Himalayan peak.
• Some safety checks that should be done before preparing for any Himalayan journey

  1. Muscle Inflexibility If you have a flexible body also it’ll help you a lot through your trekking trip. A flexible body provides a full range of movement which helps the pedestrians while walking on high steep, swash crossings or, snow- sheathe pathways. Simple stretching and yoga can increase your inflexibility.
  2. Balance A balanced soul, mind, and body will give you stylish results on your Himalayan journeys.
  3. Legs Strength Carrying your pack is needed while hiking. Hence, you should have a good balance so that you can carry your body weight and pack indeed in uneven terrains.
  4. Cardiac Strength Since all the Himalayan journeys appear in thrusting and descending pitches, it’s important that the mountaineer have good cardiac strength. One can increase cardiac strength before planning the Himalayan journey by doing different types of cardio exercises.
    • Those who are new to the world of touring can check this detailed companion and common FAQ about Kedarkantha touring in Uttarakhand.


What is the Good time to trek Kedarkantha?

This is one similar trekking destination in Uttarakhand that can be hiked each around the time. But to witness the stylish views, November to April is the apt time. During this time one can witness the beautiful snow-covered mountains. Still, if possible bone should avoid touring in Kedarkantha from June to September as it rains heavily which makes it veritably delicate to indeed walk.

What is The Kedarkantha Trek Cost?

The cost for this journey varies from INR 6000 to INR 10000 per person. Different hiking companies offer different prices with different eliminations and rejections. If you’re searching for a trusted and dependable trekking company also do consider Trek the Himalayas. At TTH, the Kedarkantha journey package will bring you around INR 9800 which will include accommodation, refections, journey outfits like mattresses, sleeping bags, roof, implements, restroom roof, and kitchen and dining.

What is the Kedarkantha Trek Height?

Yes, clearly, in fact, this is one of the stylish trekking destinations in India for newcomers. The trail of this hike is easy to moderate. Each day this place is positioned around. in height. The entire trail is around 20KM covering the beautiful Himalayas and snow-covered pathways. The entire route is covered with a wide variety of foliage and fauna. you’ll walk around 5 to 6 hours on not so steep route.

Are is Kedarnath and Kedarkantha two different places?

Both are different places and hence, don’t get confused between them. Kedarnath is one of the “ Chardham”, which is a passage place of Hindus. It’s a tabernacle devoted to Lord Shiva in Uttarakhand. Kedarkantha is a mountain peak in Uttarakhand which is popular for hiking. There’sapprox. 100 km distance between these two places.

I am a beginner in hiking, Should I trek to Kedarkantha?
Yes, clearly, in fact, this is one of the stylish trekking destinations in India for newcomers. The trail of this hike is easy to moderate. Each day you’ll walk around 5 to 6 hours on not so steep route.

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