Roopkund Trek Guidence for 2022

Roopkund is a revolutionary trek that suddenly became every trekker’s dream. Owing to a mystery of more than hundreds of skeletons discovered in the glacial lake, tonnes of trekkers are attracted to the lake at 4,800 meters elevation. Being in Chamoli district of Uttarakhand, the trek showcases all the exceptional features of Garhwali Himalayas and culture. The trek begins from Kathgodam, the popular town near Nainital.

Various researchers have visited the lake for study related to the bones found in the lake. It is believed the remains are of Palaeolithic age. There are predictions that landslides or epidemic led to deaths of so many humans and animals. The mysterious bones were re-discovered by H K Madhwal, who was a Nanda Devi reserve ranger in 1942. While this is a curiosity for scientists, adventure lovers come to the lake to heed peacefulness and adventure.

Trekkers start their trek to the wonder lake from Lohajung after a ride from Kathgodam. From here the trek goes through scenic villages like Kulling, Didna to Ali Bugyal. Throughout the route are lively habitats, exotic birds and animals cheering you. There are lush shades of Oak, Birch, and Rhododendron trees. During spring season it is like a red-pink flower land as you walk under that stunning forest cover. After a few happy days follows a tough height gain from 12,000 feet to 14,000 feet to Ghora Lotani passing through the notorious Patar Nachauni. Patar Nachauni is not a campsite but a resting spot. After the strenuous hike to Ghora Lotani, the night at the campsite will be relaxing. The views throughout the day are like computer wallpapers coming to reality.

The next two days to Bhagwabasa and then to Roopkund are really strainful. Be all prepared physically and mentally to overcome the hurdles. There are many cases of AMS from here. Therefore, one must be physically strong for Roopkund Trek. Of course, there are marvellous views of high peaks of Trishul and Nandaghunti. There will a temple of Kalyuvinayak that will provide a boost of energy. The destination lake also comes to spot as you gain more height.

Ghora Lotani to Bhagwabasa is the longest hours of trekking. Eat full breakfast and start walking with full energy. Hike up to as long as ten km steep and tough hike. The total height gain is really high and more than one thousand meters. Bhagwabasa has located at four teen thousand feet (14000 ft) elevation. You will also come across Kalyuvinayak temple on the way. Remember that reaching the temple is not easy. It requires a total of 200 feet height gain and immense sweating to reach there. The road is zig zag and hard, so make sure you have all the safety equipment. As you go more high you can notice that air pressure reduces, leading to thin air and less oxygen density. The temple will be your happy sight since it belongs to centuries ago and has old construction. You can also see the striking Trishul peak one side and wonderful Nanda Gunti on the other side. From here the destination camping place is only a 1 km far. Get all refreshed from the stunning sights around you and take a deep breath as the long walk would come to an end.

You can notice vibrant and colourful flowers around in the meadows. The trail from the Kalyuvinayak temple to Bhagwabassa is really easy, flat walk. Reach the campsite and get rejuvenated by hot tea and enjoy your peaceful night at the camp.

Today you will go from Bhagwabasa to Roopkund lake, spend some memorable moments there. From here immediately you will trace back to Bedni Bugyal. Try to wake up early and start early. The most awaited and mysterious Roopkund lake will be waiting for you. Roopkund water body is at sixteen thousand (16000 ft) height. Now, this is a lot of height gain. Just like the previous day, there will be tonnes of steep climbing and hard routes leading to Roopkund lake. As you can see reaching the highest and biggest point of the trek is not easy. You must be physically well prepared and have enough strength to survive the harsh temperatures and altitude.

The first big stop is Chhirianag that comes after a zig-zag path. It is like a snake path. From here the next big stop is obviously the might Roopkund lake. Roopkund lake is decored by human and animal skeletons up to its brim. It is a mystery of why and how these skeletons landed up there. As a trekker and adventurer, it sure adds a new level of thrill to just normal hiking. It is believed that a terrible hailstorm led to deaths so many mammals. However, there is no sure fact history.

The lake lies in the Nanda Devi Biosphere reserve which is out of the world. The place is like dream come true. There are tonnes of mountaineer and trekkers visiting just to climb high peaks or even trekking to high passes. Junargali pass is the high pass at six teen thousand seven hundred feet (16700 ft) height which can be accessed from Roopkund lake. But the climb from the glacial lake is about an hour. Let me tell you it is totally worth it. It will be a unique hike and perfect end to the Roopkund trek. Spend some cherishing and memorable moments around the lake. Click infinite images and let the happiness around the lake seep into your body.

The fabulous lake is at 16,000 feet surrounded by snow peaks and deadly glaciers. The lake is mostly ice-covered that enhances its beauty. A steep hike leads to the most mysterious place on earth. Trekkers are filled with a wave of shock after the visuals of hundreds of skeletons lying on the rim of the lake. From here there is a tiny trek to Nanda temple where you can get perfect clicks with your friends and family. After some satisfactory moments besides the lake, it is time to go back to Bedni Bugyal then to Lohajung.

Roopkund is by far the most popular treks of India. Why shouldn’ it be? It offers everything thrill, serenity, purpose, curiosity and challenges – everything a human mind needs for existence. Not many are aware that every 12 years there is Rajjat Yatra, wherein villages walk from the base village up to Roopkund lake. It is a spiritual journey for everyone!

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